Tutorials and Sample data

It is not our intention here to provide a transportation modeling course, so the material listed below assumes that you are somewhat familiar with traditional transport modeling.

For an example workflow, check the comprehensive example we prepared for Sioux Falls.

Several portions of that work flow have also been reproduced in Python.

Sample Data

We have compiled two very distinct example datasets imported from the TNTP instances.

While the Sioux Falls network is probably the most traditional example network available for evaluating network algorithms, the Chicago Regional model is a good example of a real-world sized model, with roughly 1,800 zones.

Each instance contains the network in pure GIS format (GeoPackage), the AequilibraE project already imported, the demand matrix in both AEM and OMX formats and the best-known solutions for link flows.

Video Tutorials

Preparing tutorials using screen recording software is a LOT easier than writing comprehensive written documentation, so we have amassed a substantial collection of video tutorials hosted on YouTube.

Tour of the new interface

Creating a project

Editing networks

Traffic Assignment